Microlitre pipettesMultichannel microliter pipettes Transferpette® S-8/S-12, variable
Multichannel microliter pipettes Transferpette® S-8/S-12, variable

Multichannel microliter pipettes Transferpette® S-8/S-12, variable

Multichannel microliter pipettes Transferpette® S-8/S-12, variable

The new Transferpette® S -8/-12 multichannel pipettes are the perfect manual pipettes for the most demanding applications in the lab. They provide all of the features required by users working in the life sciences field. A particular advantage of the new multichannel pipette is the easy operation, e.g. when performing serial pipetting of immunological assays, while serial dilutions or when filling the 96-well plates for cell cultures.
The use of new innovative materials results in a pipette that is light, precise, rugged and reliable.
Transferpette® S -8/-12 pipettes are available in 5 different models and cover the volume range from 0.5µl to 300µl.

Highlights at a glance:
  • Central pipetting button and big separate tip ejector for reducing tip ejection forces.
  • Short pipetting stroke; reduces the risk of RSI and enhances comfort for operators with smaller hands.
  • Curved finger rest supports pipette for relaxed pipetting.
  • Real one-handed operation; volume change and volume change protection.
  • 4-digit volume display for precise volumes; always remains visible during pipetting.
  • Completely autoclavable at 121°C (2 bar) without disassembly, DIN EN 285.
  • Corrosion-resistant piston.
  • Easy Calibration Technique: calibration and adjustments are done within seconds; adjustment from factory settings is clearly visible from the outside.
  • Replaceable nose cones and seals to simplify service for long instrument life.
  • Compatible with most common tips.
  • Color indicates volume range
  • UV-resistant

Items supplied: Transferpette® S -8/-12, DE-M marking, performance certificate, 2 x TipBox filled with BRAND® tips, 1 shelf/rack mount, 1 reagent-reservoir, 1 set of sealing rings made of FKM, 1 mounting tool and silicone oil/grease.
max. vol.
(± R%)
Cat. No.
 S-820 - 2000.22 - 200, 5 - 300, 2 - 20*, 5 - 100*, 5 - 200*0.819.280 033
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