HPLC columnsEC analytical columns NUCLEODUR® 100-3 NH2-RP, 3µm

EC analytical columns NUCLEODUR® 100-3 NH2-RP, 3µm

pore size 110 Å, particle sizes 3 and 5µm; 2,5%C; not endcapped - USP L8
multi-mode columns (RP and NP)
normal phase chromatography (NP) with hexan, dichloromethane or 2-propanol as mobile phase for polar compounds such as substituted anilines, esters, chlorinated pesticides
reversed phase chromatography (RP) of polar compounds like sugars in aqueous-organic eluent systems
ion exchange chromatography of anions and organic acids using common buffers and organic modifiers
stable against hydrolysis at low pH, working range pH 2-8, 100% stable in water, suitable for LC-MS
Ideal for:
polar compounds under RP conditions (sugars, DNA bases), hydrocarbons under NP conditions
Eluent in column is n-heptane for the NP mode - RP columns are delivered in acetonitrile - water. For changing the solvent system a rinsing step with THF may be necessary.
eluent in column acetonitrile, particle size 3µm.
PKCat. No.
4.615019.003 875

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