Pipette controllersAccessories for pipetus®-standard and pipetus®-junior

Accessories for pipetus®-standard and pipetus®-junior

For pipettes manufactured up to April 2004. From May 2004 please see 'Accessories for pipetus®'.
 TypeForPKCat. No.
 Pipette holder pipetus® standard, completepipetus® standard19.283 971
 Pump module without filter 230 Vpipetus® standard19.287 813
 Pump module with filter 230 Vpipetus® standard19.287 814
 Microfibre filter set for pump modulepipetus® standard59.287 821
 Pipette holder pipetus® junior completepipetus® junior19.281 110
 Spacerpipetus® junior19.281 111
 Round filter set with one-sided connectionpipetus® standard / pipetus® junior59.283 965
 Silicone pipette adapterpipetus® standard / pipetus® junior19.283 961

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