9.011 685

9.011 685

Joint clips for conical joint sleeve connections

Stainless steel. For tapered ground joints as outlined below. With or without set screw.
 TypeNSPKCat. No.
 with locking screw14/2319.011 675
 with locking screw19/2619.011 676
 with locking screw24/2919.011 677
 with locking screw29/3219.011 678
 with locking screw45/4019.011 680
without locking screw14/2319.011 685
 without locking screw19/2619.011 686
 without locking screw24/2919.011 687
 without locking screw29/3219.011 688
 without locking screw45/4019.011 690

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