9.839 857

9.839 857

Tumbling Shakers Polymax 1040

The Tumbling Shakers Polymax are suitable for the Modular Incubator 1000 and are recommended for applications which require variable temperatures. With 3-dimensional tilting movement, suitable for Petri dishes, culture bottles, Erlenmeyer flasks and all standard vessels.
  • Models with 2 different tilt angles available: Tilt angle to 5° for soft and gentle movements or tilt angle to 10° for a much stronger motion
  • An overtemperature sensor preventatively shuts off the unit in a dangerous heat-up situation, particularly valuable for you in case of continuous operation
  • The insulated drive system prevents any heat-up coming from the motor and consequently thermal damage to your sample
  • Designed with a low center of gravity which prevents gliding at high speed, even on a damp surface
  • Set and continuously adjust the variable speed on the analog control knob, suitable for all standard vessels
  • An analog process timer allows for unattended operation. When the set time has elapsed, an acoustic alarm will sound and the operation stops
Type of movement:tumbling
Tumbling angle:5° or 10°
Timer:1 ... 120 min
Power consumption:115 W
Permissible ambient temperature:5 ... 31 °C
Permissible relative moisture:80 %
Power supply:100 ... 240 V, 50/60 Hz
Suitable for a medium sample throughput.
 TypeInclination angle
shaking quantity /
maximum load
Cat. No.
Polymax 10405525019.839 857
 Polymax 104010525019.839 859

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