9.726 964

9.726 964

Thermohygrometer testo 608

Continuous monitoring of indoor climate
The economic thermohygrometer testo 608-H1 measures humidity, temperature and dewpoint continuously. The large display is easy to read even at a distance. With wall mounting and table holder for flexible positioning.
The accurate testo 608-H2 alarm hygrometer reliably indicates when humidity and temperature limits have been exceeded, for example in greenhouses, warehouses, cleanrooms, museums, laboratories etc.
  • Continuous display of temperature and humidity or dewpoint
  • With dew point calculation and max/min display
  • Battery monitoring

Additional features testo 608 H2:
  • LED alarm, warns if limits are exceeded
  • High accuracy ±2%rH
 TypePKCat. No.
testo 608-H119.726 964
testo 608-H219.726 965

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