CatalogueLife SciencesHistologyScalpelsScalpel handles, stainless steel
9.409 841

9.409 841

Scalpel handles, stainless steel

For interchangeable, disposable blades using the BAYHA interlocking system. Blades insert into the side of the handle. Scalpel handle (Cat. No. 9.409 846) and protective sheath (Cat. No. 9.409 850) not suitable for sterile processing.
PKCat. No.
Scalpel handle13019.409 841
 Scalpel handle13016.237 129
 Scalpel handle20016.510 723
 Scalpel handle16019.409 844
Scalpel with hollow handle15019.409 845
Scalpel handle with plastic grip16019.409 846
Protective sheath 19.409 850

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