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B.Braun Melsungen AG (HSW) 
4.665 985

4.665 985

Disposable Syringes HSW NORM-JECT®, 2-part, sterile

Disposable syringes HSW NORM-JECT® with PP barrel, and PE piston. Luer or Luer-Lock nozzle
  • Smooth flow, tight, high transparency barrel
  • No rubber, styrene or DEHP, latex- and silicone-oil-free
  • Sterile, individually blister strip packed
  • Defined position of the plunger at volume "0" to feel when plunger is completely inserted
  • According to ISO 7886-1
  • Defined safety stop to avoid accidental pull-out of plunger
PKCat. No.
1Luer-Slip1004.665 985
2Luer-Slip1004.665 978
5Luer-Slip1004.665 979
10Luer-Slip1004.665 986
20Luer-Slip1004.665 952
2Luer-Lock1004.665 915
5Luer-Lock1004.665 947
10Luer-Lock1004.665 916
20 (24)Luer-Lock1004.665 917

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