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9.520 051

9.520 051

Anaerobic jars, stainless steel

For the cultivation of anaerobic and microaerophilic microorganisms in a defined and rapidly generated gas atmosphere.The requested atmosphere may be reached under ideal conditions by two methods. Either by using chemical gas packs (anaerobe systems) or by manually evacuating the jars with a vacuum pump and flushing with gas afterwards (e.g. with nitrogen), in this case no chemical accessories are needed (except anaerobic jar eco and crystal eco). The jars are made of robust stainless steel or transparent PC.The lids are made of UV-resistant plastic or transparent polycarbonate with two corner valves incl. tube clips for vacuum hoses (5 mm i.d.) and with manometer for exact control of the vacuum or overpressure from -1 to 0.2 bar (except anaerobic jar eco and crystal eco). The optional racks are made of stainless steel providing holders for comfortable operation of the anaerobe systems.

Methods for reaching anaerobic conditions: 3 x times evacuating and filling gas, flushing with gas for 5 minutes and chemical gas production (GasPacks) for Anaerobic jars "small", "standard", "large" and "crystal". For Anaerobic jar "eco" flushing with gas for 5 minutes (Using GasPack-Kits).

Customized: Other equipment available upon request. Examples: customized lids, e.g. made of special or heat-resistant materials e.g. stainless steel, heat-resistant pressure gauges (up to 100 °C), also without cocks / manometer available.
 TypeTo hold
PKCat. No.
small*10 (60-100 mm diam.)212017019.520 051
 standard*15 (60-100 mm diam.)312027019.520 056
large*15 (60-150 mm diam.)617526019.520 050
 eco**15 (60-100 mm diam.)312027019.520 057
 crystal***15 (60-100 mm diam.)312027019.520 058
 crystal eco****15 (60-100 mm diam.)312027016.287 615
*Stainless steel jar with UV-resistant plastic lid (2 valves, 1 manometer)
**Stainless steel jar with UV-resistant plastic lid (ventilation screw)
***Transparent polycarbonate jar and lid (2 valves, 1 manometer)
****Polycarbonate jar with UV-resistant plastic lid (ventilation screw)

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