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Petri dish turntables, schütt Petriturn

Petri dish turntables, schütt Petriturn

Petri dish turntables, schütt Petriturn

For uniform inoculation of petri dishes. Easy-to-use. Made in Germany.

schütt petriturn-M
With manually operated, heavy turntable for smooth and long-lasting rotation. Double-sided construction accommodates two sizes of petri dish (90mm or 150mm diameter), by inverting the turntable.

schütt petriturn-E
Electrically driven (100 - 240 V, 50/60 Hz), constant speed rotation. Easy operation of the rotary table contact-free start via IR sensor (adjustable rotation time from 3 to 120 sec.), in continuous operation or optionally in foot switch mode. Infinitely adjustable speed from 10 to 120 rpm. For Petri dishes up to Ø 100 mm ( Ø 150 mm optional). Compact housing made of stainless steel.
PKCat. No.
 schuett petriturn-M, manually driven(Dia. x H) 160 x 4519.520 201
schuett petriturn-E, electrically driven(Dia. x H) 160 x 7019.520 200
 Foot pedal for schuett petriturn-E 19.520 203
Turntable adapter for Petri dishes up to 150mm diameter 19.520 204
 Glass inoculation spreader(W x D) 180 x 5819.520 206
 Stainless steel inoculation spreader(W x D) 145 x 4019.520 205

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