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Platform shakers Vibramax 100/110

  • Rule out accidents: all models have been designed with a low center of gravity which prevents gliding at high speed, even on a damp surface
  • Choose between different shaking motions, orbits, angles and load capacities the right model for your specific application
  • Unlimited visual reaction control at all times: the transparent, non-fogging PETG material offers it all
  • For applications in microbiology: insulated drive system prevents any heat-up coming from the motor and consequently thermal damage to your sample
  • Immediate access: optional incubator hood opens instantly and interlocks in any position
  • An overtemperature sensor preventatively shuts off the unit in a dangerous heat-up situation, particularly valuable for you in case of continuous operation

Vibramax 100 - The compact model
  • A large selection of attachments is provided for the use of various vessels and sizes
  • Vibramax 100 is a compact and space saving unit with a load capacity of 2kg
  • The 3mm vibration orbit gives excellent results especially in large vessels, allows for smooth to ridged mixing of viscous media and solids
  • Set and continuously adjust the variable speed on the analog control knob from 150rpm to 1350rpm
  • An analog process timer allows for unattended operation and can be set from 1 to 120 minutes. When the set time has elapsed, an acoustic alarm will sound and the operation stops.
  • Optional attachments with tension rollers accepts any glassware size

Vibramax 110 -The efficient model
includes all Vibramax 100 features, plus:
  • The shaking orbit of 1.5mm performs a gentle motion for sensitive samples
  • Set and continuously adjust the variable speed on the analog control knob from 150rpm to 2500rpm
  • Ideal for the optional attachment to use 49 test tubes that increases your throughput significantly
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Vibramax 1002.0000150135019.839 833
Vibramax 1102.0000150250019.839 835
Attachments are not included - Please order separately

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