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Analog Pump drive PD 5001/5006

  • High precision even for flow rates starting at 0.005ml/min
  • Optional foot-pedal remote control via cable to operate pump drive outside a closed fume hood facilitate operation
  • For the use in cell biology just use a pump head which features convex rollers and does not squeeze the tubing as conventional rollers
  • All models feature a smooth start operation which prevents spills and splashing media. The speed will ramp up slowly until your set rpm has been reached
  • Safety for continuous operation: the motor will be switched off if a high thermal load situation occurs to prevent accidents
Pumpdrive PD 5001 - Flow rates of 0.8 to 790ml/min with single-channel pump heads
  • Low speed range from 10rpm to 120rpm
  • This pump drive is suitable for multi-channel operation
  • Multi-channel flow rates from 0.005ml/min to 320ml/min
  • Upgrade your PD 5001 for multi-channel operation in just minutes with a pump head adaptor

Pumpdrive PD 5006 - Flow rates of 3.6 to 3900ml/min with single-channel pump heads
  • High speed range from 50rpm to 600rpm
  • This pump drive is not suitable for multi-channel operation

The pump head is not included. Please order separately.
TypePKCat. No.
PD 500119.829 240
PD 500619.829 241

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