CatalogueChromatographyLiquid chromatographySolvent storage/handlingTube fittings for the tube connector Safety Waste Caps
7.940 304

7.940 304

Tube fittings for the tube connector Safety Waste Caps

Connectors for variable tube connector sizes on Safety Waste Caps.
Further configurations available on request.
MaterialPKCat. No.
 Tube fitting, curved6,4-9,0PP17.940 304
 Tube fitting, curved6,4-8,0PTFE14.005 868
 Tube fitting, straight6,4-8,0PTFE14.005 867
 Tube fitting, straight2,0-3,0PP14.005 557
 Tube fitting, straight3,0-4,0PP14.005 558
 Tube fitting, straight4,0-6,0PP14.005 559
 Tube fitting, straight5,0-7,0PP14.005 560
 Tube fitting, straight6,2-7,5PP14.005 561
 Tube fitting, straight for capillary connector6,0-8,0PP14.005 793
 Tube fitting, straight9,5-11,0PP14.005 562
 Tube fitting, angled6,4-8,0PP14.005 555
 Tube fitting, angled9,5-10,0PP14.005 556

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