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PG 8583

PG 8583

Washer-disinfector PG 8583 / PG 8583 CD / PG 8593

PG 8583
  • Capacity per cycle: e.g. 128 laboratory flasks or 98 pipettes together with other laboratory glassware
  • Efficient use of resources with the variable speed heater pump
  • Monitored for reliability: Wash pressure and spray arm monitoring
  • Convenient drying assistance: EcoDry function
  • Total security: Link to process documentation possible
  • Depending on version, up to 2 integrated dispenser pumps for liquid products

PG 8593
  • Additionally with integrated DryPlus hot-air drying

PG 8583 CD
  • Additionally conductivity monitoring
  • Efficient hot air drying: Dry Plus
  • Two integrated dosing pumps (liquid detergent, neutralising agents)
  • Setting options for chemical agents (3 x 5l / 2x 10l)

In several countries different machine versions of Miele washer-disinfector are availabe (type, electrical connections etc.)
 TypeHousingDescriptionPKCat. No.
 PG 8583WhitePowder dispensing*16.266 426
 PG 8583WhiteLiquid dispensing*16.266 427
 PG 8583Stainless steelPowder dispensing*16.266 428
 PG 8583Stainless steelLiquid dispensing*16.266 429
 PG 8583Stainless steelPowder dispensing**16.266 430
 PG 8583Stainless steelLiquid dispensing**16.266 431
 PG 8583Stainless steelPowder dispensing, oil application*16.266 432
 PG 8583Stainless steelLiquid dispensing, oil application*16.266 433
 PG 8593Stainless steelwith DOS module16.266 434
 PG 8593Stainless steelwith conductivity monitoring and DOS module16.266 435
 PG 8593Stainless steelwith DOS module, suitable for oil applications16.266 436
 PG 8583 CDStainless steelwith water-connection conductivity module*16.269 767
 PG 8583 CDStainless steeldemineralised water pump, with water-connection conductivity module**16.287 715
 PG 8583 CDStainless steelwith water-connection conductivity module, oil application*16.280 201
*hot water and distilled water connection
**hot water connection, distilled water pump

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