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Mini-cartridge filters

Mini-cartridge filters

Mini-cartridge filters

Mini-cartridge filters are inserted into a stainless steel housing. The bayonet closure provides a secure seal against back-pressure surges. An inner O-ring seals the lower part of the housing (except for the aeration housing). For the filtration of larger volumes and for long service lives. Individually tested. Their integrity can be checked at any time. Can be autoclaved repeatedly.

There are several different types which differ in the filter material used:

Heterogeneous double membrane of cellulose acetate, for the sterile filtration of liquids.

Hydrophobic PTFE membrane filter, for the sterile filtration of air and gases.

High performance PP fleece prefilters for particle reduction.
 TypeDescriptionPKCat. No.
 5231507H8BSartobran-P (0.1 m2, 0.45 + 0.2 μm)59.604 602
5231507H9BSartobran-P (0.2 m2, 0.45 + 0.2 μm)59.604 601
 5181507T8BSartofluor (0.1 m2, 0.2 μm)59.604 605
 5181507T9BSartofluor (0.2 m2, 0.2 μm)59.604 604
 5051502P9BSartopure-PP3 (0.15 m2, 3 μm)56.314 874
 5051505P8BSartopure-PP3 (0.09 m2, 0.65 μm)56.315 037

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