6.238 174

6.238 174

Optical D.O. Sensor FDO® 925

Optical IDS D.O. sensor for portable MultiLine® IDS and InoLab® Multi IDS benchtop meters. Measures the dissolved oxygen according DIN ISO 17289:2014-12. For applications in the lab and in process, outdoor and waste water treatment plants. Low maintenance (t99 < 60 s). No oxygen consumption, with inclined membrane for avoiding air bubbles. Factory calibrated membrane with smart chip. Built-in NTC 30 kOhm temperature sensor.
 TypeDescriptionPKCat. No.
 FDO® 9251.5 m fix cable16.238 174
 FDO® 925-33 m fix cable16.239 577
 SC-FDO® 925Changing cap16.242 048
 FDO® 925-PPlug head, AS/IDS cable or wireless module necessary16.259 423

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