6.266 906

6.266 906

Digital Refractometer RX-5000i / RX-5000i-Plus

The most accurate refractometer in the world is now even more stylish, smart, and functional. Featuring intuitive touch screen technology, the new RX-i series makes navigation and selection a breeze. The RX-5000i measures with the same accuracy level as the RX-5000alpha ±0.03% Brix and ±0.00004nD. The RX-5000i-Plus measures with the same accuracy level as the RX-5000alpha-Plus ±0.010% Brix and ±0.00002nD. The RX-i series come with newly added functions, such as USB flash drive and self-diagnosis capability. These products come standard with a 2 year warranty. The warranty period can be extended to 3 years if the product is registered with ATAGO. FDA 21 CFR Part 11 Software Included in Standard Delivery

  • Displays the measurement value once the sample reaches the target temperature
  • Measures refractive index and temperature at fixed intervals and displays the estimated measurement value at the target temperature
  • The thermo-module can be turned off. Without temperature control, the measurement value is displayed in 4 seconds after the START key is pressed
  • Displays the measurement value once a certain level of sample stability is achieved.
  • Only on the RX-5000i-Plus: Measuring of Low Brix Liquid Samples (such as teas), obtaining highly repeatable results (0.010% Brix).
 TypePKCat. No.
 RX-5000i16.266 906
 RX-5000i-Plus16.245 034

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