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Homogenisers with PTFE or glass pestles

Homogenisers with PTFE or glass pestles

Homogenisers with PTFE or glass pestles

For use with all homogeniser drive-units or for schuett homgenplus.
Homogenisers and pestles provide a precise shape and are consequently separately exchangeable. Clearance between pestle and homogeniser is between 0.18 and 0.23 mm.

Homogeniser with PTFE pestle
Tapered or cylindrical. Shaft made of stainless steel. Inert. Elastic. With smooth, wax-like, moisture-rejecting surface. Resistant against high temperatures. Also available as glass fiber reinforced model. Highly efficient with especially tough tissue.

Homogeniser with glass pestle
Tapered or cylindrical. With robust glass shaft. Ground-glass surface in cylindrical/tapered part. Highly efficient with tough tissue.

Homogenizers and pestles also available individually as spare parts.
FormFigurePKCat. No.
 21PTFE pestle tapered319.651 850
 151PTFE pestle tapered319.651 851
 401PTFE pestle tapered319.651 852
 22PTFE pestle cylindrical119.651 853
 52PTFE pestle cylindrical119.651 854
 102PTFE pestle cylindrical119.651 855
 153PTFE pestle cylindrical219.651 856
 202PTFE pestle cylindrical119.651 857
 302PTFE pestle cylindrical119.651 858
 403PTFE pestle cylindrical219.651 859
 52PTFE pestle cylindrical*119.651 860
 102PTFE pestle cylindrical*119.651 861
 153PTFE pestle cylindrical*219.651 862
 302PTFE pestle cylindrical*119.651 863
 403PTFE pestle cylindrical*219.651 864
 21Glass pestle, tapered419.651 865
 151Glass pestle, tapered419.651 866
 401Glass pestle, tapered419.651 867
 84Glass pestle, cylindrical519.651 868
 154Glass pestle, cylindrical519.651 869
 403Glass pestle, cylindrical619.651 870
*glass-fibre reinforced

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