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9.695 224

9.695 224

Flow cooler DK and Immersion (dip) coolers, EK series

EK 45 immersion cooler
This portable cooler features a controller with digital temperature LED display, reaching temperatures down to as low as -45 °C. The compact size of the EK 45 is ideal for pairing with counter-cooled applications making it an economical, sustainable alternative for dry ice, liquid nitrogen, and other quick-chill solutions. The small footprint and sleek handle make this unit convenient for setting up as needed with vapor/solvent trapping, Dewar or other benchtop applications. Multiple probe options are available to meet your custom application need.

EK 90 immersion cooler
This more robust cooler is designed to cool to temperatures as low as -90 °C. The EK 90 begins driving immediately down to -90 °C, with the option of controlling the temperature setting on select models via a digital temperature LED display. Similar to the EK 45, this cooler was designed with overall footprint in mind. The capacity to achieve such low temperatures in such a quick timeframe makes this unit ideal for the direct contact cooling method used in material characterization, as well as cooling reactors, Dewars, and any vapor/solvent trapping applications. Multiple probe options are available meet your custom application need.
at +20 °C
at -10 °C
at -40°C
at -60 °C
PKCat. No.
 EK45-45 to 4035025050-19.695 224
 EK90-90 to 4030028017010019.695 223

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