9.705 204

9.705 204

Cold Light Sources

For sample illumination in microscopy, clinical diagnostics, dental technology, photography or mineralogy. Cold light sources filter out heat-producing, infra-red radiation and offer significantly higher intensities at magnifications over 30x magnification. Compact, easy to use and maintenance-free. KL 300 LED without fan otherwise with a low-noise fan with air vented at the rear of the casing. Power supply: 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz

KL 300 LED - compact
Cost-effective LED light source with easy handling and continuous dimming. Convection cooling for silent and vibration-free operation. Max. light intensity: 80 lm. Incl. wide-range power supply with international plug system. Adapter or stand-alone stand sold separately.
KL 1600 LED - economy
Standard LED light source with continuous dimming, filter slider and multi-chip white light engine for a homogeneous illumination. Max. lighting intensity: 680 lm. Incl. wide-range power supply without cable.
KL 2500 LED - advanced
Professional LED light source, additionally, with extra-fine dimming option (0.1% steps), LCD display for reproducible settings and USB-connectivity. Max. light intensity: 1100 lm. Incl. wide-range power supply and USB connection cable, without power cable. Footswitch optional.
KL 1500 HAL - natural colour
150 W halogen light source with continuous dimming and full halogen spectrum (colour rendering index CRI=100) for natural colour reproduction. Colour temperature indication on integrated LCD display. Maximum lighting intensity: 600 lm. Incl. wide-range power supply without cable.

Please order Fibre optic ring light or gooseneck light guide separately. Please order a country-specific power cable for KL 1600 LED, KL 2500 LED and KL 1500 HAL separately.
Light flux
PKCat. No.
 KL 300 LED1061146156008016.253 748
 KL 1600 LED114231137560068019.705 206
KL 2500 LED1142311375600110019.705 204
KL 1500 HAL2002861471950 - 340060016.269 725

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