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6.283 459

6.283 459

Scanning Spectrophotometers Series 72, VIS and UV-Vis

Scanning spectrophotometers from Jenway for measurements in the visible and UV range.
Model 7200 (VIS): wavelength range of 335 to 800 nm with a spectral bandwidth of 7 nm.
Model 7205 (UV-VIS): wavelength range of 198 to 800 nm with a spectral bandwidth of 5 nm.

Both spectrophotometers are ideal for a variety of applications in education and routine testing in clinical, veterinary, pharmaceutical and QC laboratories.

The 72 series spectrophotometers offer measurement modes for single wavelength with basic absorbance and % transmittance; concentration determination (via reference standards or calibration curves with up to 6 standards), full spectrum scanning and kinetics for up to 3 simultaneous wavelength measurements.

The colour touchscreen user interface provides fast and easy set up and navigation of the instrument. The 4" display allows full spectrum scans, quantitation curves and kinetics runs to be viewed easily. The sample chamber lid can also be left open during measurements which is ideal for samples in tall test tubes.

Including two USB ports for data storage and printer connectivity.

Optional heated 10x10 mm cuvette holder for thermostated measurements at 37 °C. More accessories available on request.
  • Scanning diode array detector (DAD)
  • Colour Touchscreen navigation
  • Small footprint and lightweight
  • Fast scan speed
  • Multiple USB ports for data storage and printer connectivity
  • 2 year warranty on the instrument
 DescriptionPKCat. No.
 Spectrophotometer 7200 (VIS)16.283 459
 Spectrophotometer 7205 (UV-VIS)16.286 777
 Cell holder, 10 x 10 mm16.283 460

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