6.050 640

6.050 640

Respirators 8000 series, Moulded Masks

These filter classes are minimum requirements and simply serve as a guide. It is the wearers' responsibility to make sure the breathing apparatus conforms to the requirements in terms of hazardous materials and concentration before use!

FFP 1: for particles that are neither toxic nor associated with fibrosis. For protection up to 4 times the corresponding threshold limit value
FFP 2: for hazardous or harmful particles, vapour and smoke; filters for solid and liquid particles with a medium filtering level. For protection up to 10 times the corresponding threshold value
FFP 3: for poisonous particles, vapour and smoke; filters for solid and liquid aerosols with a high filtering classification. For protection up to 30 times the corresponding threshold limit value

R labelling: The mask has been tested for reusability and has the required performance features for wearing during a second work shift.
NR: non reusable

D labelling: The mask has undergone additional dolomite dust testing and therefore affords excellent breathability, even in extremely dusty environments and during longer periods of use.
The convex cup-shape design, along with twin strap design, nose foam and nose clip ensure comfortable wear over a range of face sizes. The collapse resistant shell offers durable, comfortable protection particularly in hot and humid conditions.
  • Traditional convex shape, with nose clip and twin strap design.
  • Durable, collapse resistant inner shell.
  • Reliable, effective protection against fine particles.
  • 3M™ Advanced Electret Filter Material gives effective filtration with low breathing resistance for consistent high quality performance.
  • Coloured headbands for easy identification: yellow for FFP1 and blue for FFP2.
  • Very good compatibility with panoramic eyeshield 3M™
PKCat. No.
 8710without valveFFP1 NR D206.050 640
 8810without valveFFP2 NR D206.078 942
 8812with Cool-Flow valveFFP1 NR D106.202 080
 8822with Cool-Flow valveFFP2 NR D106.052 910

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