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9.843 706

9.843 706

Infrared rapid digestion system with temperature control

The temperature-controlled InKjel TC-series devices combine the advantages of infrared and block digestion in one system: Fast Infrared digestion at defined temperatures ensures high sample throughput.
In the programmable version InKjel TCP, the user has a choice of 25 freely configurable programs for temperature and digestion time.
The high-quality quartz infrared heaters of InKjel TC reach 830 ° C in a minute and achieve uniform heating at all sample positions.
 TypeForPKCat. No.
 InKjel 625 TCM6 sample vessels each 250ml19.843 706
 InKjel 1210 TCM12 sample vessels each 100ml19.843 707
 InKjel 1225 TCM12 sample vessels each 250ml19.843 708
 InKjel450 TCM4 sample vessels each 500ml19.843 709
 InKjel 475 TCM4 sample vessels each 750ml19.843 710

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