6.242 700

6.242 700

Clamps, retort, 3-prong, chromated steel

Manufactured from chrome plated cast steel with two prongs which are PVC coated for gentle hold of the objects. Two separately adjustable clamps enables perfect control of holding pressure and precise positioning of the objects. Clamps can be opened and closed smoothly with a grip width of 0-70 mm.

With solid stem of 12 mm rod diameter with the holding angle and distance from the support rod can be adjusted by a separate bosshead.

With swivel mechanism which enables the object freely swivel 360° and lockable at any desired angle. Complete with an integral bosshead usable for rods maximum diameter of 21 mm.
PKCat. No.
solid stem clamp0 - 7016.242 700
swivel clamp0 - 7016.243 690

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