6.287 550

6.287 550

Spectrophotometer UviLine SI

UviLine SI 5000 and UviLine SI 6000 for measurements at VIS-range from 320 nm to 1100 nm.
UviLine SI 7000 and UviLine SI 7100 for measurements at UV-VIS-range from 190 nm to 1100 nm. Models UviLine SI 5000, 6000 and 7000 use the proven single beam technology. The UviLine 6100 and 7100 models use a reference beam technology for maximum accuracy and low drift. UviLine SI 5000 with an optical resolution of 6 nm, all other photometers with an optical resolution of 4 nm.

Wide performance range
  • measurements of absorbance, transmission and concentration up to 8 standards
  • multi-wavelength e.g. for measurements of DNA/RNA or the determination of protein according to Warburg-Christian
  • spectra scan with online graphic and various evaluation functions
  • kinetics (short and long term measurements)
Easy accessible accessories are available on request:
Quick-lock system requires no tools.
  • 10mm cell holder (standard)
  • 10mm cell holder (water thermostatable)
  • 10mm cell holder (peltier thermostatable from 15 - 40 °C)
  • cell holder from 10mm up to 100mm
  • sipper (incl. flow trough cell)
  • automatic 5+1 cell changer
Peltier cell holder, sipper and 5+1 cell changer can be fully controlled from the software.
Modern Interfaces
  • USB A interface for the connection of USB-sticks, keyboard or printer. More than 1 device can be conncected at the same time using a USB-hub.
  • USB-(B)-interface for the PC connection.
 TypeDescriptionPKCat. No.
 UviLine SI 6100Reference beam photometer, 4 nm, measuring range 320 - 1100 nm16.287 549
 SZ 21005+1 cell changer, controlled from UviLine16.251 233
 SZ 2130Cell holder Single, 10mm, (included in delivery of all UviLines)19.775 452
 SZ 2140Cell holder Single 10mm, water thermostatable17.628 259
 SZ 2150Sipper controlled from UviLine16.242 634
 SZ 2160Cell holder Single 10mm, Peltier thermostatable19.775 453
Extensive accesories on request!

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