6.310 242

6.310 242

Overhead stirrers MICROSTAR control

Powerful overhead stirrers in a compact design for special applications.
  • Hardened glass display for maximum visibility and chemical resistance
  • Vibration sensors detect deviations from permissible thresholds and automatically stop the process
  • USB interface, e.g. for documenting parameters or installing firmware updates
  • Bluetooth interface
  • Easy connection to labworldsoft®
  • Temperature measurement directly in the medium with PT1000 temperature sensor
  • Temperature reading on display
  • Chemical resistant housing
  • Continuously adjustable speed
  • Microprocessor-controlled speed governor for constant rotational speed, even with changes in viscosity
  • Key lock function
  • Integrated timer
  • 10 years warranty

Scope of supply: Overhead stirrers incl. Temperature sensor PT1000
 TypePKCat. No.
MICROSTAR 7.5 control16.310 242
MICROSTAR 15 control16.272 998
MICROSTAR 30 control16.310 244

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