Capping Systems Matrix™ SepraSeal

Capping Systems Matrix™ SepraSeal

Capping Systems Matrix™ SepraSeal

For open tubes without screw cap.
Thermo Scientific™ Matrix™ SepraSeal tube sealing solutions complement the innovative line of Thermo Scientific Matrix 2D and non-2D coded storage tubes. Available in a range of formats, colors, and sterility, there is a sealing option to meet a range of application and storage requirements.

Enhanced Materials
  • Made of an advanced thermoplastic elastomer that offers excellent chemical resistance and low vapor transmission rates
  • Elastomer ensures sealing performance will not degrade, even after multiple cap piercings

Sample Access Options
  • Designed for storage down to -20 °C, Matrix SepraSeal mats are available in sterile, nonsterile, solid, or pre-split, in a range of colors for quick visual sample identification
  • Solid seals can be removed for sample access with the Matrix SepraSeal cap removal tool
  • For applications involving repetitive sample access, a pre-split Matrix SepraSeal can be pierced by automated liquid handling equipment, requiring very little pressure, while maintaining seal integrity with self sealing closure

Application Flexibility
  • Individual tube capping or apply 96 caps at once
  • Supplied in mats of 96 caps each, sealing is secure and consistent every time when applied with the Thermo Scientific SuperSealer
 Cover typeDescriptionPackage
PKCat. No.
 Naturalnon-sterile10 mats of 969606.251 983
 Bluenon-sterile10 mats of 969604.658 359
 Greennon-sterile10 mats of 969604.658 360
 Greynon-sterile10 mats of 969604.658 361
 Purplenon-sterile10 mats of 969604.658 362
 Rednon-sterile10 mats of 969604.658 363
 Yellownon-sterile10 mats of 969604.658 364
 Naturalsterile10 mats of 969604.658 300
 Bluesterile10 mats of 969604.658 365
 Greensterile10 mats of 969604.658 366
 Greysterile10 mats of 969604.658 367
 Purplesterile10 mats of 969604.658 368
 Redsterile10 mats of 969604.658 369
 Yellowsterile10 mats of 969604.658 370
 Naturalnon-sterile, pre-slit10 mats of 969606.253 949
 Bluenon-sterile, pre-slit10 mats of 969606.253 981
 Greennon-sterile, pre-slit10 mats of 969606.253 980
 Greynon-sterile, pre-slit10 mats of 969604.658 371
 Purplenon-sterile, pre-slit10 mats of 969604.658 374
 Rednon-sterile, pre-slit10 mats of 969606.253 979
 Yellownon-sterile, pre-slit10 mats of 969606.253 982
 Naturalsterile, pre-slit10 mats of 969606.254 687
 Bluesterile, pre-slit10 mats of 969604.658 375
 Greensterile, pre-slit10 mats of 969604.658 376
 Greysterile, pre-slit10 mats of 969604.658 377
 Purplesterile, pre-slit10 mats of 969604.658 378
 Redsterile, pre-slit10 mats of 969604.658 379
 Yellowsterile, pre-slit10 mats of 969604.658 380
 Naturalsterile, pre-slit1 bag of 5005004.658 312
  Cap Removal Tool 16.254 390

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