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9.828 308

9.828 308

Gear pump drives, MCP-Z-Standard, MCP-Z-Process

Flow rate 1 to 7241 ml/min (depending on pump-head). 2 drive units can be combined with 20 interchangeable magnetically-coupled pumpheads. Flow rates of 1 to 7241ml/min. are attainable with pulse-free flow. Up to 5.6 bar differential pressure and 21 bar system pressure.

Microprocessor controlled. Digital display of rotation speed, flow rate, dispensing volume or dispensing time. 4 programme memory and 6 programmable pumping or dispensing functions with calibration mode. Flow rates stored for 20 pumpheads. With RS232 and analogue interfaces.

Industrial process-adapted drive, dust and watertight, washdown (IP 65) capability through completely sealed stainless steel housing. PC programmed processes can be stored in the pump memory and operated without PC. Other specifications are as MCP-Z-Standard.

Specifications:MCP-Z Standard
  • speed: 60-6000 min-1
  • speed setting: 1-99.9%, resolution 0.1%
- power supply: 230 V / 50 Hz - 115 V / 60 Hz
  • weight: 6.4 kg (without pump head)
  • protection rating: IP 30

Specifications: MCP-Z Process
  • speed: 60-6000 min-1
  • speed setting: min-1. resolution: 0.1 min-1
- power supply: 100-230V / 50-60Hz
  • weight: 6.9 kg (without pump head)
  • protection rating: IP 65
 TypePKCat. No.
MCP-Z-Standard19.828 308
MCP-Z-Process19.828 309
 Spare magnet for MCP-Z-Standard19.828 344
 Spare magnet for MCP-Z-Process19.828 345
Please order two tubing connectors separately.
Tubing connectors - see Gear pump heads.

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