6.268 865

6.268 865

Vacuum measuring instrument VACUU·VIEW

The rough vacuum gauge VACUU·VIEW covers the measuring range from atmospheric pressure down to 0.1 mbar very precisely. The combined rough and fine vacuum gauge VACUU·VIEW extended works in the enhanced range from atmosphere down to 10-3 mbar. The illuminated displays of both vacuum gauges enable comfortable reading.
  • Compact design with integrated sensors one piece equipment for direct connect at point of interest
  • Chemically resistant, heavy duty vacuum sensors highly reliable at harsh laboratory conditions even in case of very aggressive chemicals
  • High repeatability and long-term accuracy under all typical conditions reliable and repeatable results
  • Display with menu driven handling, easy to use e.g. for unit settings
  • Compatible to gauge DCP 3000 and controller CVC 3000 or VACUU·SELECT
  • The product is delivered ready for use

Chemically resistant ceramic diaphragm sensor for measurement in the rough vacuum range. VACUU·VIEW provides gas-independent pressure indication with precise capacitive readout. Highest precision and chemical resistance in the range from atmosphere down to 0.1 mbar, a perfect gauge for all rough vacuum applications.
VACUU·VIEW extended
The heavy duty combination of ceramic diaphragm sensor and ceramic jacketed Pirani sensor ensures reliable readings in the wide range from atmosphere down to 10-3 mbar. Precision and chemical resistance in an exceptionally wide range, one gauge covers all applications in the fine and rough vacuum range
 TypePlug typePKCat. No.
 VACUU路VIEWEU, UK, CH16.268 865
 VACUU路VIEW extendedEU, UK, CH16.268 864

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