Glass drying pistol

Glass drying pistol

Glass drying pistol

Ideally suited for drying of small sample volumes. This sample dryer, for analysing substances and synthetic products, uses heat, desiccant and vacuum at the same time for optimum results. Its temperature range can be adjusted between +30°C to +160°C, with a temperature stability of ± 1°C.

The two-part drying vessel is approximately two parts of DURAN® glass:
1) Drying tube with an outer diameter of 44mm, length inside 200mm, joint NS45.
2) Ground flask with stopcock for connection to a vacuum pump.
The glass drying oven needs to be fixed with screw stand rod at the laboratory stand to be secured. Dimensions (without mounting for tripod and Flask): H 120mm x B 195mm x T 185 mm. Weight: 2kg

Supplied with: Glass drying oven consisting of heating element with support rod and glassware with ground drying tube and ground flask with stopcock.
 TypePKCat. No.
 Glass drying oven16.269 737
 Glassware for Glass drying oven16.269 738

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