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6.280 108

6.280 108

Conductivity meters FiveEasy™ F30 / FiveEasy™ Plus FP30

FiveEasy™ and FiveEasy™ Plus benchtop meters provide high quality conductivity measurements with the simple click of a button. They are the perfect choice for reliable measurement data at a reasonable price.
  • Large, easy to read and easy to understand display with all information visible at a glance
  • Five self-explanatory buttons making operation simple and easy
  • Fast and easy connectivity for simple and secure data transfer (FP only)
  • Electrode arm extension pole included

F30/FP30-Meter: Meter with CD operating instructions, QuickGuide, declaration of conformity, test certificate and power supply
F30/FP30-Standard: as F30/FP30-Meter, plus LE703 conductivity sensor and 1 each x 1413µs/cm and 12.88mS/cm standard sachets
 TypePKCat. No.
 F30-Meter16.280 107
 F30-Standard Kit16.280 108
 FP30-Meter16.280 109
 FP30-Standard Kit16.280 110

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