6.243 880

6.243 880

pH / mV / °C Meter Eutech™ pH6+ / pH5+ series

The pH6+ and pH5+ offer you the greatest value-for-money for your basic pH measurement needs. Both meters measure pH and Temperature, the pH6+ aditionally measures mV / ORP. Rugged and user-friendly, these meters come with rubber boots for protection against harsh field elements.
  • 3-point-calibration with auto-buffer recognition
  • Automatic temperature compensation (ATC)

Scope of delivery: Meter with Rubber Armour/Stand and plastic carrying case (except pH601+ and pH501+)
 TypeDescriptionPKCat. No.
 PH603+Kwith "3-in-1" pH/Temperature combi electrode16.243 880
 PH602+Kwith single junction pH electrode, ATC probe16.240 654
 PH601+Kwith ATC probe, stand and plastic carrying case16.284 898
 PH601+with ATC probe16.240 739
 PH503+Kwith "3-in-1" pH/Temperature combi electrode16.244 042
 PH502+Kwith single junction pH electrode, ATC probe16.240 492
 PH501+with ATC probe16.262 080

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