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6.270 924

6.270 924

Blades for Microtoms, stainless steel

MS200: Universal blade with plasma coating for daily routine, suitable for all types of tissue. Especially suitable for ribbon sectioning, excellent sharpness, even with very thin cuts. Allrounder with unique hardened blade cutting edge, excellent durability.
MS300: Very sharp blade with plasma coating, especially recommended for cutting bone tissue. Also perfect for all other tissue types as well as for ribbon sectioning.
MS100: For daily routine like ribbon and thin sectioning. Excellent sharpness and durability. All-purpose, even for difficult tissue. High-quality stainless steel, extra hard teflon coated.
MS33: Blade for applications where extremely thin, high-quality sections are required. Suitable also for skin biopsy. Short trimming time and increased durability.
MS24: For hard tissue, but also for soft tissue and biopsies. Excellent long life and sharpness, very suitable for ribbon sectioning.
HP (High Profile Plasma): Excellent references for cryostat and ribbon sectioning. Special hardened blade with plasma coating, short trimming time, excellent durability.
AnglePKCat. No.
MS200Low Profile8800.2535506.270 924
MS300Low Profile8800.2535506.310 681
MS100Low Profile8800.2535506.270 928
MS33Low Profile8800.2530506.270 926
MS24Low Profile8800.2535506.270 927
 HPHigh Profile Plasma14800.3235504.670 750

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