7.057 185

7.057 185

Stirring platforms OxiTop® for BOD measurement

These Stirring platforms have been specially developed for BOD measurement with the OxiTop® system. Software-controlled speed regulation prevents the magnetic stirrer bar from getting caught or wobbling. The speed is selected so that an optimal gas exchange with the sample takes place. The stirrer is maintenance-free and non-wearing as it contains no moving parts.
The IS 6-Var model has been specially developed for use with large measuring vessels and has space for 6 measuring vessels. Its outer dimensions are identical to those of the IS 12.
(W x D x H)
PKCat. No.
IS 66-place265 x 181 x 671.617.057 185
IS 1212-place350 x 266 x 673.217.091 025
IS 6-Var6-place350 x 266 x 673.017.602 857

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