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6 268 620

6 268 620

Spectrophotometer photoLab® 7100 VIS and photoLab® 7600 UV-VIS with OptRF

COD measurement without reagents.
The spectrophotometer of the photoLab® 7000 Series are universally usable and offer complete photometric
functionality with lauded user-interface and guidance on a brilliant HD 7"" color display. Pioneering is the optical reagent-free measurement (OptRF) of COD, Nitrate and Nitrite. No time-consuming digestion and no harmful chemicals required.
  • Proven routine analysis for waste and drinking water, aquaculture, food & beverage, environmental monitoring and production
  • Cost saving reagent-free OptRF measurement
  • Universal for industrial, research and educational use
  • Lab quality in the field: 4,5 kg light weight, with car battery and field case option
  • Linking lab with Online-system WTW® IQ SENSORNET via IQ LabLink
  • For 16 mm round cuvettes and 10, 20 and 50 mm rectangular cuvettes with automatic recognition
  • Memory for 5000 values, spectra and kinetics approx. 40 MB, equivalent to approx. 500 spectra (300-900 nm) and 400 kinetics with 150 measured values
  • More than 200 programmed methods, 1000 user defined methods, 20 profiles each for kinetics and absorption spectrum, extensive programming options
Routine Analysis:
  • More than 250 programs for commercial test kits, standard parameters, direct readings of coloration, SAK, etc. as well as user-defined programming of routines
  • Barcode recognition for tests in vials and rectangular cells and automatic cell recognition for 16, 10, 20 and 50 mm without adapter and automatic measurement range selection
  • Up to three parallel timers
  • Optional PC-Software Package for Brewery and color measurement from CIE to Yellowness
Spectral and universal analysis from 190 to 1100 nm:
  • Spectral scans in various nm-steps, 700-2000 nm/min
  • Kinetics and multi-wavelength readings including special methods like chlorophyll and ADMI color measurement
  • Extensive programming tools for multistep and multi-wavelength functions with user guidance
AQA: Multi-level user-friendly AQA functions with administration tools and comprehensive checking aids for meter and reagents.
Data Management:
  • Measurement data, PDF documents, spectra and kinetics data, with data filter for pre-selected data management
  • External barcode reading option for uncoded test kits and sample ID
  • Optional: PC-Software for GLP compliant data management
 TypeDescriptionPKCat. No.
 photoLab® 7100 VISRoutine and Spectral analysis 320-1100 nm16.268 619
 photoLab® 7600 UV-VISRoutine and Spectral analysis with OptRF, 190-1100 nm16.268 620
 photoLab® BrewApplication package brewery analysis for the photoLab® 6000/7000 Series19.920 080
 photoLab® color+ Data spectralPC software for data management of photoLab® 6000/7000 Series16.284 662

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