ORP electrodes SenTix®

Platinum, gold or silver ORP electrodes suitable for the most varied applications: strongly oxidizing solutions, argentometry and much more
  • Different metal electrodes to adapt to measured substance
  • Plug head electrodes for universal use
  • Ag/AgCl reference system
  • S7 plug head
Sensor typePKCat. No.
SenTix® ORPORP electrode with platinum disc0 ... 100Platinum17.050 767
SenTix® AgAg electrode for argentometry-5 ... 100Silver16.232 360
SenTix® AuORP electrode with Au sheath-5 ... 100Gold16.231 523
SenTix® PtRORP electrode, platinum disc, polymer electrolyte-5 ... 100Platinum16.232 484

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