Pipette tipsLLG-Pipette tips economy, non-sterile
9.409 046

9.409 046

LLG-Pipette tips economy, non-sterile

Made of Polypropylene. Certified free of DNase, RNase, suitable for microbiology. Guaranteed metal-free.

LLG universal fit tips are engineered for a wide variety of pipettes and are ideal for laboratories with multiple brands of pipettes, even multi-channel pipettes. Our universal tips feature the universal grip design, using flexible materials with a series of bands and supports producing a positive seal. LLG tips have thin walls and a small surface area at the tip, greatly minimising the possibility of the tip retaining sample droplets. In addition the small surface area reduces the touch-off angle between the outer tip wall and the receiving sample tube. This reduced touch-off angle virtually eliminates the potential of capillary retention between the tip orifice and tube wall. Each of our tips is moulded to give a flash-free and uniform delivery orifice for consistent accuracy and reproducible sample delivery. All our tips are provided with calibration lines at specific volumes, acting as visual checks to minimise any risk of errors during sample aspiration.
PKCat. No.
 clear0,1 - 101 bag of 100010009.409 099
 clear0,1 - 1010 racks of 969609.409 045
yellow1 - 2001 bag of 100010009.409 046
 clear1 - 20010 racks of 969606.253 577
 yellow1 - 20010 racks of 969609.409 047
blue100 - 10002 bags of 50010009.409 048
 blue100 - 100010 racks of 969609.409 049
clear100 - 5000*1 bag of 2502509.409 097
 clear100 - 5000**1 bag of 2502506.254 364
 clear1000 - 100001 bag of 1001009.409 098
*for manual pipettors
**for electronic pipettors

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