Accessories for vacuum ovens VO

Premium module: The premium module comprises the inert gas inlet (only sizes 49/101), extra connectors for thermoshelves, one for VO29, two for VO49/VO101, an additional thermoshelf for model size 49/101.

Vacuum pump module: Without pump with antivibration metal plate at the bottom to accommodate the vacuum pump, including full-sight glass door, socket, signal cable and connecting hose to the vacuum oven.

Chemical-resistant vacuum pump: With 4x diaphragm, pump capacity: approx. 50 Nl/min = 3.0 m/h³, automatic purge control, with signal cable (3 m) to control the rotation speed and vacuum connecting hose (3 m).
PKCat. No.
 Thermoshelf, aluminium, eloxadised material 3.35472919.537 938
 Thermoshelf, aluminium, eloxadised material 3.35474919.537 939
 Thermoshelf, aluminium, eloxadised material 3.354710119.537 940
 Thermoshelf stainless steel, material 1.44042916.071 767
 Thermoshelf stainless steel, material 1.44044919.537 941
 Thermoshelf stainless steel, material 1.440410116.225 112
 Chemical-resistant vacuum pumpall14.663 358
 Vacuum pump module2914.663 355
 Vacuum pump module4914.663 356
 Vacuum pump module10114.663 357
 Premium module2919.537 944
 Premium module4919.537 945
 Premium module10119.537 946
 Subframe, tubular steel, black enamelled2916.225 455
 Subframe, tubular steel, black enamelled4914.664 347
 Subframe, tubular steel, black enamelled10116.260 454

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