Liquid sampler MiniSampler, PE

Liquid sampler MiniSampler, PE

Liquid sampler MiniSampler, PE

Taking samples is quick, easy, clean and practical.
With the MiniSampler, the sample liquid only comes into contact with the suction hose and the sample bottle. Cross contamination is largely prevented. Bottles can be tightly sealed immediately after the sample is taken with a tamper-evident cap.
The single use, PE suction hose can be quickly replaced, ensuring that samples are never contaminated. A new hose can be used for each sample if required. Because of its small diameter (8mm) and flexibility the hose can reach sampling areas that are otherwise inaccessible. Also suitable for viscous oils.

Supplied with ten 100ml PE bottles, 10m of PE suction hose (6 x 8mm), 1 hose cutter , 1 hose weight (V2A/nickel-plated brass) and 20 seal-it safety seal labels in a carrying case.
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MiniSampler19.303 970

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