9.287 875

9.287 875

Digital-burette, opus®

A titration unit with a reagent recirculation system for motor-powered titration directly from the reagent bottle. Available in three volumes (10 ml, 20 ml and 50 ml). Electronic control of titration enables the achievement of reproducible results and precisely defined dynamics each time. Time-saving rapid titration with subsequent fine titration enhances accuracy and efficiency. The titration impulse triggered by the motor enables the achievement of a droplet break-up with output volumes from 10 µl to 99.999 ml and delivers resolutions up to the third decimal place.
  • Electronic control and dispensing of volumes
  • A light protection window for the valve block is also included in the scope of delivery
  • Titration impulse triggered by the motor enables the achievement of a droplet break u p from 10 µl for precision determination
  • Media recirculating system for simple and rapid venting without reagent loss
  • Free rotation
  • TFT touchscreen with user-friendly menu
  • Method memory for nine different titration procedures with storage o f all settings
  • USB and RS232 interface for PC connection
  • Integration in automated procedures possible
  • Discharge valves and valve seats consisting of high-purity aluminium oxide ceramic
  • Power supply 100-240V, with EU, UK, US plug

Supplied with: opus® titration complete with thread 45 mm, 3 adapters (A 32, A 38 and S 40), 1 screw coupled suction tube, 1 titration discharge unit and 1 power supply, 1 brown light protection window, touch screen module "titration", Data Power Cable 0,75 m, instruction manual, single calibration report.
max. vol.
(± R%)
max. vol.
(≤ CV%)
PKCat. No.
Volume 10 ml0.60.219.287 875
Volume 20 ml0.60.219.287 870
Volume 50 ml0.60.219.287 871

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