Bottletop dispensersAccessories for seripettor® and seripettor® pro
Accessories for seripettor® and seripettor® pro LLG WWW-Catalog

Accessories for seripettor® and seripettor® pro

Accessories for seripettor® and seripettor® pro

Dispensing cartridges:
Non-sterile and sterile. Piston (PE), cylinder (PP).

Flexible discharge tube:
PTFE, coiled, length 800 mm, with safety handle. Not suitable for HF and peroxide.

Filling tubes seripettor®:
PP, autoclavable design with additional O-rings.

Discharge tube seripettor®:
Incl. closure cap and EPDM discharge valve.

Pump assembly seripettor®:
PC, stainless steel lifting spring.

Pump assembly seripettor® pro:
PPO. PEI (UV protection), hastaloy (stainless) lifting spring.

Closure caps for seripettor®:
PP cap to close the valve block. Suitable for autoclaving.
DescriptionPKCat. No.
Dispensing cartridges2non-sterile34.007 887
Dispensing cartridges10non-sterile39.284 856
Dispensing cartridges25non-sterile39.284 857
Dispensing cartridges2sterile74.007 888
Dispensing cartridges10sterile79.284 858
Dispensing cartridges25sterile59.284 859
Discharge tube10+2non-sterile19.284 860
Discharge tube25non-sterile19.284 861
Adapter for discharge tube seripettor® pro  14.000 001
Adapter for filling valve seripettor® pro  14.000 003
Filling tubes seripettor®  27.072 098
Filling tubes seripettor®  27.300 054
Filling tubes seripettor®  14.000 157
Filling tubes seripettor®  14.000 158
Pump assembly seripettor®10 16.206 480
Pump assembly seripettor®25 17.400 296
Pump assembly seripettor® pro10 14.000 159
Pump assembly seripettor® pro25 14.000 160
Discharge tube for seripettor® 10 and 25 ml  17.058 673
seripettor® cap, for 2+10 ml  14.000 161
seripettor® cap, for 25 ml  14.000 162

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