9.287 779

9.287 779

Digital burettes, solarus®

A titration unit with a reagent recirculation system for manual titration directly from the reagent bottle. Power supplied by a solar cell. Available in three volumes (10 ml, 20 ml and 50 ml). The world's first digital burette with integrated solar cell. The power supply for the electronics and display is derived exclusively from an integrated solar cell. Easily replaceable valves. The vivid digital display prevents meniscus reading errors and is always clearly legible, regardless of the viewing angle. The handwheels with soft touch surface are ergonomically optimised for particularly precise control.
  • Power supplied by a solar cell
  • Free rotation
  • Media recirculating system for simple and rapid venting without reagent loss
  • Handwheels with soft touch surface
  • Clearly legible display, regardless of the viewing angle
  • A light protection window for the valve block is also included in the scope of delivery
  • Individual calibration of user-specified adaptations with "Quick-Cal"
  • Discharge valves and valve seats consisting of high-purity aluminium oxide ceramic
  • Serial bidirectional interface (RS 232 and USB)

Supplied with: solarus® with A 45 mm thread, 3 thread adapters ( A 32, A 38 and S 40), discharge tube, 1 suction tube with retainer screw, 1 spanner for valve, brown light protection window, with individual serial number and single calibration report.
max. vol.
(± R%)
max. vol.
(≤ CV%)
PKCat. No.
Capacity 10 ml0.30.119.287 779
Capacity 20 ml0.20.119.287 780
Capacity 50 ml0.20.119.287 781
Interface cable  19.287 756
Liquid handling software liqui-soft®  19.287 757

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