6.243 233

6.243 233

Racks for Serological Pipettes

Protects and organizes glass and plastic pipettes. Angled four shelved compartments keep your 0.1 to 50ml pipettes or cans within easy reach. Dimensions (W x D x H): 88 x 291 x 401mm
  • Heavy duty acrylic version provides crystal-clear viewing from any angle
  • ABS versions have cut-out viewing window and come with two removable attachments that hold pipette bulbs, fillers, and pumps
  • Magnetized ABS version (Cat. No. 6.243 232) has strong magnets on both sides and mounts securely to most metal surfaces
MaterialColourDescriptionPKCat. No.
Acrylicclearclear viewing from any angle16.243 233
ABSbluecut-out viewing windows16.243 231
ABSredcut-out viewing windows16.243 234
ABSbluecut-out viewing windows, magnets for mounting16.243 232

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