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9.042 581

9.042 581

LLG-Desiccant drying agents, silica gel, self-indicating

With orange indicator colour. Grain size 1 to 3 mm or 2 to 5mm. Self-indicating drying agent free from any heavy metals and therefore environmentally compatible. The gel is naturally orange when active and at a 6 weight-% saturation level. As the gel adsorbs moisture, the colour changes into green.
The range of application is identical with that of white silica gel. The colour change, however, represents a great advantage since it allows monitoring of the saturation level. The gel can be regenerated when heated at a temperature of maximum 120 °C until it turns to its original orange colour.
PKCat. No.
 1 to 3mmTin, 1kg19.042 584
 1 to 3mmBucket, 3kg19.042 585
 1 to 3mmBucket, 8kg19.042 586
 1 to 3mmCarton box, 25 kg19.042 587
2 to 5mmTin, 1kg19.042 581
 2 to 5mmBucket, 3kg19.042 582
 2 to 5mmBucket, 8kg19.042 583

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