9.900 938

9.900 938

Precision balance EWJ

Verifiable entry level model in the upper laboratory class
  • Concept of easy use: All primary functions have their own key on the keypad
  • Automatic internal adjustment time-controlled every 2 hours. Guarantees high degree of accuracy and makes the location irrelevant
  • Compact size, practical for small spaces
  • Capacity display: A bar lights up to show how much of the weighing range is still available
  • RS-232 and USB interfaces for transferring weighing data to the PC, printer, USB sticks etc. Excluded the -SM Models.

EWJ 300-3/EWJ 600-2SM/EWJ 600-2M: Draft shield with removable cover and opening for using a pipette, with a weighing chamber of (W x D x H) 134 x 128 x 80 mm
EWJ 300-3H: Large glass draft shield with a weighing chamber (W x D x H) 175 x 155 x 217 mm
± g
PKCat. No.
EWJ 300-3Ø 803000.0010.00519.900 938
 EWJ 300-3HØ 803000.0010.00516.287 029
 EWJ 3000-2Ø 12030000.010.0516.283 420
 EWJ 600-2SM, calibratableØ 1206000.010.0314.660 192
 EWJ 600-2M, calibratableØ 1206000.010.0319.900 939
 EWJ 6000-1SM, calibratable155 x 14560000.10.314.660 191
 EWJ 6000-1M, calibratable155 x 14560000.10.219.900 940

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