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Deionisers, Elga B114 and MicroMeg

Deionisers, Elga B114 and MicroMeg

The ultra pure water, as produced by these Elga deionisers is almost entirely free of dissolved mineral salts, including silica, and has a neutral pH since the dissolved CO2 has been removed. From an inorganic standpoint, ultra pure water conforms to International Pharmacopeia and laboratory grade specifications for purified water.

The B114 and MicroMeg models are wall-mounted units ideal for users who require low volumes of ultra pure water. Both feature 9V battery operated, colour coded conductivity meters operated by depressing the 'water test' switch allowing instant monitoring of the treated water quality. When exhaustion of the ion exchange resins is indicated, cartridge replacement is a simple, rapid operation.

Elga B114, with four C114 disposable cartridges. Without batteries
Elga MicroMeg, with two MC: DS/4 disposable cartridges. Without batteries.
TypePKCat. No.
B11419.951 499
Additional disposable cartridges C114, pack of 449.951 500
Additional disposable cartridge MC:DS19.951 502
* The amount of ultra pure water produced depends on the local water quality.

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