IncubatorsTotal visibility incubators, SI60 / SI60D
9.951 603 LLG WWW-Catalog

9.951 603

Total visibility incubators, SI60 / SI60D

Capacity 60L. Maximum temperature 60°C. With hinged front and top panels, temperature control system with preset at 37°C, safety temperature cut-out, air circulating fan and holes for gas or cable introduction. Supplied flat packed for assembly by the user. For 220-240V 50Hz single phase supplies. Without base plate or shelf rack system. With BioCote, silver-based, antimicrobial protection on the metal surfaces.
TypeDescriptionPKCat. No.
SI6060 litres, dial control19.951 603
SI60D60 litres, digital set-and-read control19.951 604

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