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9.720 480

Magnetic stirrers, lab disc

Without heating. Lab disc is an innovative, very flat, magnetic stirrer. It's modern, toroidal coil technology with no moving parts guarantees a maintenance-free drive. Lab disc can automatically change it's rotational direction every 30secs. and therefore enhances mixing of the medium.
  • High IP protection class (IP 65)
  • Set-up plate and casing made from chemically resistant materials
  • Slip-proof, safe stand
  • lab disc white with white surface, lab disc stream and lab disc pattern with decorative surface
Cat. No.
lab disc white, with EU/CH-plug19.720 480
lab disc white, with UK-plug14.008 137
lab disc stream, with EU-plug19.720 481
lab disc pattern, with EU-plug19.720 482
Optional accessories: Ikaflon®- stirring bars, Trika®- stirring bars, RSE Stirring bar retriever

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