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9.838 063

Reciprocating shaker, HS 260 control

Compact, low-level, platform shaker with highly effective, reciprocating motion, maximum capacity 7.5kg.
  • Electronic speed control and timer adjustment
  • Separate digital speed and timer displays with operating mode indication
  • Timer: 0 to 9 h 59 min or continuous operation
  • Controlled stop-point positioning function (enables use in automated robotic sampling routines)
  • All functions can be controlled and documented using labworldsoft® software
  • Large selection of attachments enable use with a wide variety of vessel shapes and sizes
  • Attachments are not included - Please order separately
TypePKCat. No.
HS 260 basic, EU19.838 063
HS 260 control, EU19.838 185

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