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Orbital shakers SSL1

  • available with orbital or reciprocating action
  • digital speed selection up to 300rpm with soft start
  • built-in digital timer
  • reliable, quiet running mechanism
  • fully adjustable cradle system

This lab scale platform shaker has powerful yet quiet shaking mechanisms and has been designed for trouble-free, continuous use. The cradle type platforms have four rubber cushioned horizontal securing bars which can be easily adjusted both vertically and horizontally to hold most sizes and types of vessel, including flasks, bottles and beakers. For example, they will accommodate the following Erlenmeyer flasks or bottles: 12 x 250ml or 9 x 500ml or 6 x 1000ml or 2 x 2000ml. Speed is continuously adjustable and is set digitally. The speed is accurately maintained, even over long runs. A built-in digital timer allows shaking times from 1 to 999 minutes to be set. Alternatively the unit can be set for continuous operation.
With BioCote silver based antimicrobial protection.
Cat. No.
Shaker, orbital, large platform, EU10.019.728 840
Accessory platform 510 x 510 mm with 6 rubber securing bars 19.728 842
Accessory flat platform 350 x 350 mm without cradle 19.728 843

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